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09.12.2018, 22:21
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Dual-core 64-bit
Video card: NVIDIA Geforce® GTX™ 460 or Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics 5200 or AMD Radeon™ HD 6870
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 14 GB

Kenshi, revolutionary role-playing "sandbox" in which you make up a story. People always say that it is difficult to be a hero, but no one says that an ordinary person who decides to do the right thing is even more difficult. You are no stronger, no faster and no hardier than the rest, but you can change something in this world. For example, to gather a group of the same weaklings, train them and turn them into fighters, give them a purpose, to revolt against slave owners, and then take the wounded comrades from the battlefield to their fortress. Or you can lead the tranquil life of a farmer or a merchant, from time to time fending off wild beasts and cannibals. This is a huge harsh world full of opportunities, ruthless people and random acts of violence even now, in the alpha stage of development. Studio Lo-Fi Games promises to add new game elements and modify existing — exactly as your character is engaged in the construction and improvement of its base.

Feature of game:
Free gameplay in the largest single-player role-playing game since Daggerfall, a seamless world stretching over 870 square miles. The game does not limit you or your personal playing style.
Create as many unique characters as you want, and collect a whole combat squad. With experience, characters will evolve, and become stronger, not only in parameters, but also externally.
A fresh approach to a hybrid of role-playing and real-time strategy genres. No "heroic" characters with artificially inflated relative to all other parameters - all counter non-player characters are potentially equal to yours, they have a name and their own life.
You are the chosen one. You have no greatness or power. You have no more "health points" than everyone else. You are not the center of the universe, and you stand out. This is going to take some work.
Build a base where you can learn new technologies, improve defenses and produce new equipment.
Buy and upgrade your own buildings, which will serve as a safe haven fortified if things go wrong, or use them to start your own business.
Variety and variety of game options. Be a good, or evil, business man, or thief, live in the city, live in the desert, travel alone, travel in crowds, build a fortress, defeat the city. Devote yourself to the liberation of slaves, or you will be enslaved.
A dynamic, ever-changing world. Whether you're helping someone, standing in the way, or staying apart, the world won't stop spinning. It's not just a "game", you live and survive in a simulated world.
You can be caught and eaten alive by cannibals, you can be sold into slavery, and forced to work in the mines. These are not programmed events, but only the routine of this chaotic world, which destroys your life by coincidence. Anything can happen, but anything can be overcome, if you have the strength.
Absolutely no adjustment to the level. The world will not increase the level with you, and the shops don't change their range at just the right level objects. At the beginning of the game, almost everyone will be stronger than you, and you constantly have to fight for survival. The game will not lead you by the hand, or help if you fell.
Realistic system of medicine that affects the gameplay. A character with a wounded leg will limp or crawl, slowing down the whole squad, and if one hand is wounded, the sword will have to take to the other, or postpone at all. Serious limb injuries will lead to amputation, and the need to use robotic prosthetics. Bleeding can lead to loss of consciousness, and the blood itself will attract predators. The parameters of the character is affected by equipment, bags, blood loss, trauma and hunger.
Smart AI, allowing characters to think and work on long-term goals and aspirations. Units operate smoothly and carry their wounded from the battlefield. Characters can be assigned to microcontrol and production management on your base.
Help different world factions, or fight them, striving for power and wealth necessary for banal survival in harsh conditions.
Designed independently, without any change of design dictated by men in gray suits who have never played a game in their life.
The original game world. Any stereotyped fantasy. No magic.


  • Mount the image using disk emulators.
  • Install the game by following the installation instructions.
  • Copy the contents of the PLAZA folder (on the image) to the folder where the GAME is installed.
  • Play.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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