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Pulsar: Lost Colony (2016) PC torrent

12.03.2019, 20:32
Pulsar: Lost Colony (2016) poster

System requirements:


OS: Windows XP SP3 or newer
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: Intel HD 5000 (Shader Model 3)
DirectX: Version 9.0 c
Disk space: 10 GB

It's time to gather your thoughts and go on an exciting adventure that will not only please with its capabilities, but also simply provide a long journey through the expanses of space. Game Pulsar Lost Colony offers to take control of a spaceship and go towards the unknown. Space expanses only at first glance seem not so attractive and quite calm. However, this game project offers not only to race through space, but also to use any planet for landing and research. And one has only to guess what is waiting for you there: dangerous monsters, untold treasures or a new quest. We suggest not to waste time and start acting!

Pulsar Lost Colony is a first-person shooter with the ability to control a spaceship and do whatever you want. However, do not forget that to perform quests and just have to develop too. And this is only a small part of all available opportunities. In the future, you will find a lot more interesting adventures, which you do not even know. Act, have fun and just win!

Feature of game:
  • Endless space will give a lot of new experiences.
  • Complete freedom of action.
  • The ability to land on each planet and explore it.
  • A wide range of weapons.
  • The development of the spacecraft.
  • Trailer / Gameplay:


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