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Stardew Valley (2016) PC torrent

13.01.2018, 01:44
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System requirements:


OS: Windows Vista or greater
CPU: 2 Ghz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video card: 256 mb video memory, shader model 3.0+
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 500 MB

Who would have thought that in our time actively start to earn the popularity the most unattractive branch of the gaming market. We are talking about pixel games, which goes very much true, most of them are sloppy and unattractive. But today we came across a very interesting, ambitious and just a huge game project that was able to lure so that he flew almost daily. How can this be? Answer it is not so easy, because the game has pixel graphics, and features not so much. But it was the atmosphere and the simulation of real life allowed users to dive into this game and get a lot of positive emotions and surely a large part of them will remain in this game for a long time.

Stardew Valley – it's a pixel life simulator with an emphasis in RPG. In this game you will assume the role of an ordinary resident of the small province, which is called Stardew Valley. In this village people are happy of life, and the township is original and natural. However, the capitalist Corporation begins the process of capturing and actively bankrupt all the local farmers to supply the village with a choice: to join the Corporation, or to remain without means to existence. Therefore, you should take immediate action and save your town in addition, your grandpa left you his farm, which will be the beginning of your successful career and the basis for the salvation of the town. You only have to download Stardew Valley torrent free we and you can go on an unforgettable adventure that will give you the opportunity to build a brand new life, a farm and even love!

- it's time to turn the abandoned land into a prosperous farm, which will be filled with different gardens, fruit gardens, animal paddocks and other elements, no limits, only the area of your imagination and desire to succeed;
- given that the game has a basis of simulation of life, be prepared for the fact that your character will need to develop in different areas: military skills, fishing, mining, farmer and cooking, in addition to this, you will need to save and recycle resources, finding new recipes, and more;
- Stardew Valley – it's not a simple village, and the living in which the residents love it, and are masters of all trades, each of the residents has a daily routine, living his life and enjoys communicating with you, unless of course you give him attention and congratulate him on his holidays as soon as your friendship will be strong, you will be able to receive the information, assistance and invitations to participate in various festivals;
- available in Stardew Valley, a mysterious cave that has no end, or rather, no one was able to know exactly where it ends, because in addition to wealth and resources, in its depths, inhabited by a terrible and dangerous monsters;
- now you will be the basis of the existence of your village and try to revive all that was destroyed by capitalism, this time you really have to show vitality, confidence and desire to achieve victory;
download torrent Stardew Valley is needed because the most interesting moment in the game is the ability to start a family, though, it will be necessary to hold a number of different dates, to choose their partner and not to be mistaken with the elections, there are 20 candidates, each of which has their own tastes, skills and preferences, so it is necessary to communicate with everyone and learn about their features and try to make the right choice.


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