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Surgeon Simulator Experience Reality (2017) PC torrent

11.11.2016, 16:03
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Sometimes in the vastness of the gaming market you can find a lot of interesting and strange projects. Just remember goat simulator or simulator of bread. At this time, such an absurdity will not work, as his shift came more interesting and even more frightening game projects. For example, the company developer Bossa Studios decided to have some fun and to release another original simulator. if you remember surgeon simulator, which they released and impressed a lot of fans for its realism? so, now they are planning to release the game Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality, which again will give you the opportunity to do surgery, only to have the scale of the cosmos. Think of it, nothing happens? You are greatly mistaken!

Surgeon Simulator Reality Experience – a simulator of the surgeon on the spacecraft. No, this time you don't have to treat people in conditions of weightlessness, you'll explore a dead alien! Now the little green, but very scary alien will be completely immobilized, to rip you can do with it what you want. If you've previously been proposed to treat people and save them from ailments, now the surgery will be the basis for the study of alien beings. As before you are free to do whatever we want. Can freely manipulate the bodies of creatures to exploit a variety of handy tools, you can organize the madness, to destroy and to cut all jostle into the body of various devices or completely emptied of alien. In General, limit you to definitely not going. And the most interesting feature of the game is the ability to retrieve the bodies of the creatures and send them flying into space with the opportunity to see what will become of them. Some bodies alien you significantly surprise.

Download Surgeon Simulator Experience Reality through torrent need because the game is being developed for the PC, but the developers have assured that specifically try to release the game for virtual reality helmets, which can not but rejoice. The ability to use futuristic tools for surgery and to evaluate their actions in the first person, completely immersed in the atmosphere, what could be better? But until we know exactly when the game will be released, so just have to wait. Although initial information suggests that the project will be at least interesting.

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