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12.05.2018, 19:09
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Higher
CPU: 2.6 Ghz - 4 Cores CPU Mid Range or Higher
Video card: GTX 780 | RX 290 or Higher
Disk space: 2 GB
Sound card: Duh!

Studio Crytivo Games, headed by Alexander Purses, was founded not so long ago (in 2013), in California. The first big project of the Studio is the Universim, for which the campaign was launched. What developers offer – first, it will be a kind of mix of Civilization and SimCity, but with a clear expansion, because the creators are not limited to the construction of megalopolises, military battles and the race for new technologies. The project differentiates the opportunity to colonize a new planet, and in addition to create city, so fans of strategy should think download torrent the Universim with us or not?

Feature of game:
- In fact, the user has the opportunity-to feel as a Creator, equipping one planet and smoothly moving to the new one. How the society will develop depends on you. The player is allowed and available much-for example, in your power to withdraw from the planet some threatening destruction, danger. - Colonizing the new planet, it is necessary to deal with many factors to ensure the normal existence of the inhabitants – there will interfere with the temperature, too high, too low, insufficient amount of water, and even the absence of the atmosphere as such.
- Managing the planet is not an easy task, starting with the development of the stone age, it is necessary to pay special attention to science and research. You will have to study everything from the basics – for example, to discover the phenomenon of fire itself and use it as protection from wild animals, to study medicine and create new drugs to defeat the disease that has broken out, etc.Everything that threatens life on the planet is your concern.
- Planet live their lives – the weather changes, there are various natural phenomena – the raging storm destroys buildings or earthquake, carries away the inhabitants from their houses, tornadoes, falling meteors, creating craters…
- What awaits you after the stone age, it is unknown even to the developers, it can be anything-a war that erupted, a life-threatening epidemic, dangerous aliens from the vastness of the universe, disaster ... Your favorite residents will master one planet after another, but what will be expected on a new planet – a puzzle that will be found.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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