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Urine It to Win It (2017) PC torrent

06.03.2016, 20:07
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The gaming market is expanding and it's not good, but sometimes it appears challenging ideas, looking for support and often find it. At this time, stir Studio Republic, which decided to release a game called Urine It to Win It! simulator toilet.

Yes, it sounds strange, but the way it is. The developers decided to conduct a simple experiment and check whether this game is 1 dollar, and whether to support the players. Itself Urine It to Win It! invites us to become the Lord of his toilet to perform their main task, which deals with emptying the bladder and thus earn points, which are necessary for pumping. That can be pumped in this game? Absolutely everything from its ability skillfully to empty my bladder before toilet situation, to give pleasure to the process.

At the moment, download Urine It to Win It! via torrent is still impossible as the game is on Steam Greenlight and waiting for support. So, if you're a fan of that specific entertainment, feel free to support this game project. The game itself you do not need special care, you only need to press the mouse and to follow the process, and the success of this process will depend on your installations and improvements that you specifically acquired to improve the result. Previously, the Republic was characterized by the fact that we have created a simulator of tracking nuclear war. That is, it allows you to reset a nuclear bomb at America and see that there will be further, will be able to answer this country for the attack or will disappear into oblivion.

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