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06.03.2016, 21:50
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Open water space has always attracted the attention of adventure lovers and traveling, today you have a unique opportunity to become a real free person who can go far in the sea space and enjoy the pleasant breeze during your voyage. If you decide to download World Ship Simulator via torrent, then know that this is a simulator of the captain of the ship, which will test your abilities and skills to manage various kinds of ships.

Ranging from simple fishing boats to huge cruise ships, you will have to ride on water spaces of Europe and to try to properly manage the ship. All ships have a unique structure, management and subtleties, so you'll have to make up by care and determination to not sink their ship. Don't miss the opportunity to become the captain of the ship!

What is already talking about graphics, which in the game has a high level of detail. Every little detail, every member of the crew, the environment, everything will be filled with an assortment of details that will give the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the game. Good luck with your adventure!

Game features:
- realistic control of the vehicles;
- wide range of selection of ships;
- excellent graphics;
- enjoyable gameplay.

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