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12.10.2017, 23:33
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System requirements:


Operating system: Windows 8
CPU: Intel core i5
Video card: AMD Radeon HD 7800, screen resolution 1920x1080
RAM (GB): 4.0
Free space on the HDD (GB): 2.0

This multiplayer strategy game (for 4 players), combined with a simulator of urban planning, where each player develops a civilization of pigs, since the stone age. The game has 2 main interfaces: a world map and a map of a particular region. Every game is created procedurally-generated world in the form of isometric maps that you can explore to find habitable areas and establish settlements on them. On each map randomly appear important resources (precious metals and minerals), animals and plants, but it depends on the topography and climate of a particular region.

Especially Ymir:
  • Pigs in clothes.
  • Multiplayer on a local and permanent servers.
  • Integrated socio-economic simulation that takes into account many aspects of urban planning.
  • Randomly generated worlds with completely unique cards.
  • 7 biomes, each of which has its own resources, which contributes to trade between players.
  • Advanced mechanics of diplomacy and Economics to conclude contracts (right of way, taxes, payments, trade agreements, etc.) and create trade routes between players.
  • Battles in real time.
  • A COMPLETE lack of paid items in the game.

  • No direct control over the population and domestic economy: your players breed, age, working and buying necessary things, simulating real life.
  • Society divided into social classes with the corresponding income and purchasing power.
  • Dynamic resource prices, which are determined on the basis of the demand / suggestions, cost of production and the remaining quantity of a particular resource.
  • Take into consideration even consumed by the player resources: materials for the construction of buildings purchased at market prices, which affects both the income and the economy as a whole.
  • Trailer / Gameplay:


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