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F1 2016 (2016) PC torrent

11.01.2018, 14:12
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System requirements:


Processor: TBC
Graphics card: TBC
Sound card: TBC
Additional: TBC

This time the race will be much more interesting and exciting, it is also worth noting that now the game will become much more attractive and interesting. Now players will be able to go on an exciting adventure as a professional rider one team. At this time you have to swing for the fences, it was much improved AI that will fight for the victory. This time the career mode includes 10 seasons, which will be the most memorable. Also in the process of career you will be able to change the team at will or to remain with one till the end. In General, now everything will depend on you and your actions. You only have to download F1 2016 torrent free and you can start your career. We want to wish you good luck and good adventure. New race will head out to new adventures, however, if you manage to do it, the fight will be fierce.


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