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Project Bluestreak (2017) PC torrent

06.03.2016, 19:27
Project Bluestreak (2017) poster

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Any game, in the description which meets – "free-to-play" is actually a conditionally free and with a very fragile balance, when experience can be replaced just by buying super-stuff. The main author of the new toys BlueStreak – cliff Bleszinski promises that this time, released into the world a new shooter, will be built on a different plan. Brand return – like statement all donatum the world – "Come, learn to shoot!".

Game features:
- The main focus of the game is on skills, not character, as the player, according to Bleszinski – "It will be a game of skill, when an experienced player will have more benefits than paid". It's hard to say what you want to achieve by the developers – more popularity-based charity? Or all so sweet at first glance, and then paid subscription, etc.
- The project will be launched for the PC, and further and console.
- The game to work the Creator of Gears of War, so we can safely Project Bluestreak download via torrent and not be afraid that the game will be bad.
- First person.
- Forget about the many monsters in Serious Sam or all the broken weapons, the creators as an example chose District 9 and what happens is up to our users.
- Working on a game for more than twelve employees, who have work in Epic Games and Ubisoft.

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