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A New World Kingdoms (2018) PC torrent

10.10.2017, 20:52
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64-bit versions)
CPU: Intel, AMD
Video card: AMD, NVIDIA
DirectX: 9.0
Disk space: 1 GB

New World: Kingdoms is a turn – based strategy, which belongs to the genre of 4X (the global strategy). You must gradually expand your Kingdom by constructing new buildings and managing resources. But to build his Empire is not as easy as it sounds; you will encounter many challenges – from impassable mountains, through which we have to somehow get up to dangerous opponents with their armies.

After a devastating war on the densely populated continent of the Hill, the survivors moved to the uninhabited continent previously called Jorge. They were looking for fertile land to start from scratch and re-build a thriving city. Having learned from past mistakes, the rulers of the cities signed a peace agreement providing for trade between the settlements and the exchange of scientific achievements, which should help the development of the new world. But the ruler did not agree with this conditions. Vadik from Zamon refused to sign the agreement and was expelled from the Union. However, he left a vast territory and a faithful people, through whom he was able to build a separate Empire.

Fearing the start of another war, world leaders decided to combine their efforts and overthrow the Kremlin from his post. They are willing to do anything to stop the progression of the evil Empire and save the newfound peace in the lands of the Kingdom Ostrum.

Why you should download A New World Kingdoms via torrent?
- The gradual development of the Kingdom
- Stylish low-poly graphics
- Test mode
- The battle with the enemies!


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