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System requirements:


OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 7400
Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 with 2GB of VRAM or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0 c
Disk space: 20 GB

Company of Crime is a game with turn-based tactical battles that tells the story of the formation of a criminal Empire. Action
it takes place in London in the 1960s-the cultural capital of the world, which has hosted many businesses and informal youth movements. Your task is to create a company that can subdue the criminal world, or as a chief inspector to lead the famous flying squad of Scotland Yard and restore order in the city. Along the way, you will expand your sphere of influence by visiting pubs, clubs, veterinary clinics, tailor shops, ports and other corners of the city. You can recruit a team of gangsters with various skills that make it easier to commit crimes,or detectives who have a lot of successful investigations. Who will prevail in this battle for London? Here is a question that you will have to answer.

Feature of game:
  • Tactical turn-based fights. Company of Crime differs from other games with turn-based battles in that it focuses on hand-to-hand combat and fights in tight spaces. Each of your wards has a control zone, so their location affects a lot. You can block the path of opponents, take the enemy by numbers, and attack from the rear, getting a bonus to the attack. You can also give the enemy a kick to throw him aside and prevent him from hitting your fighter when he passes by. And if one of the opponents gets a gun, you need to either hide or take away their weapons before they shoot your entire squad.
  • Fuss. Obtiva dirty work, it is desirable to avoid unnecessary noise. If you hear gunfire or start shooting, you will only attract attention – and the criminal Empire, whose members operate in plain sight, will not last long. It is better to be careful than to deal with the consequences later, because if the cops take you seriously, you will not get rid of them just like that.
  • Completing tasks. This is not a child's game of cat and mouse. On a mission you will have to think not only
    about health and stamina points. If you beat the shit out of the pub owner,
    do not rush to the exit immediately. First you need to get rid of all the evidence that points to your involvement in the crime – and this must be done before the police arrive.
  • Establishment of a legal enterprise with criminal purposes. To avoid being caught, you need a legal cover. Throughout the game
    you will have to, ahem, "convince" the owners of houses and businesses to sell you real estate at a bargain price or let your guys into your back room, without asking too many questions. The more establishments you control, the more items and opportunities you have available, but the risk that you will face a police RAID or a RAID by competitors also increases.
  • It's not just your story. Your goal is to create a criminal Empire or bring criminals to justice, but this is not just your story. This includes a story about London in the 1960s - with beatniks, mods, rockers and other informal movements of that era. It's also a story about the fall of the Empire. Britain during the cold war is one of the leading cultural powers, but it is under increasing pressure from outside and inside. One mysterious order has set its goal to destroy the British Empire, and only the geniuses of the underworld and the famous flying squad are able to stop the villains.
  • Police operation. Criminals conduct their business away from prying eyes, so the police can only take action if a signal is received. However, just sitting and waiting for reports of incidents is not the best strategy. You have to send staff on a reconnaissance of suspicious institutions to communicate with informants to obtain search warrants. The main thing – when you make an arrest, do not let the criminals get rid of the evidence, otherwise they will be released again.

  • Mount image
  • Install
  • Copy the tablet from the HOODLUM folder (on the image) to the folder where the game is installed
  • Play
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