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10.03.2018, 13:50
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video Card: OpenGL 3.2+ Compliant
Disk space: 2 GB
Additional notes: 1080p, 16:9 recommended

Darkest Dungeon -a psychological "bagel" (roguelike) with hand-drawn graphics from an independent company Red Hook. It turned out a kind of terrible, very terrible tale. As befits a representative of the genre, the gamer is waiting for the generation of peace and do not expect any additional life, that is, attempts. Therefore, the preservation should be used carefully, otherwise you will have to go again, again, again... The game is really difficult, primarily because the characters are very vulnerable. No, they are not weak and cowardly, but, as befits living beings in difficult situations experience stress, which reduces combat potential. Have to teach them to take himself in hand. In General, the game was interesting, that's why we decided that you need to download torrent Darkest Dungeon.

Gothic atmosphere:
The name of the game translates as "Dark dungeon". Hence it is clear where the events will unfold. It is also clear that we are waiting for a gloomy picture, as noted, it is drawn. According to the story, one person who received a large estate, found that his property and life threatened by different monsters, so you need as soon as possible to find a portal under the house, from which the vile creatures come. Scary, but nowhere to go... Note that the creators were inspired by such films as "Strangers" and "Brothers in arms". They are also shrouded in an atmosphere of constant anxiety and tension. The idea fell to the taste of Kickstarter users, and funds for the Darkest Dungeon — 75 thousand dollars — were collected in just two weeks.

The game features a wide variety of classes:
Now there are a dozen of them, but the Studio red Hook promises fifteen. And the classes are very interesting. For example, you can play as a Leper or a Plague Doctor (Plague Doctor). Fight will not be alone — you must first assemble a team of 4 characters, during a dangerous journey to them can join the other inhabitants of the world. By the way, to watch the battles to be on the side — a side-scroller. Instead of the usual pumping system is provided, so to speak, psychological: battles will give rise to various phobias in the characters, and to act successfully, it is important not to give them a break character.

The most important subject is the torch:
As he moves along the dark corridors, he will gradually fade away. The less fire, the more dangerous is the dungeon. The player can choose how many torches he will need to complete the mission. If he does everything correctly, perform the task, the characters will be able to relax, arrange a real party that will reduce stress. However, it is necessary to take care of enough food. It turns out that even though the plot and fabulous, in the end, all very plausible.

What you need to download Darkest Dungeon via torrent from us:
  • Heroes are constantly tense, so they can become real neurotics. However, there are acquired phobias and helpful...
  • Who is the Plague Doctor? Or A Leper? It is only 2 character classes out of 15. Names confirm that game developers love non-standard in everything!
  • This is the classic "bagel" - if death, then constant, if location is, then always a new.
  • The torch-source of not only of light, but and security. The dim fire makes the journey truly terrible.
  • Halt can be turned into a party to relax. Food and words of approval will give travelers strength!
  • The graphics are unique, because it is painted with talented hands. The result was a terrible comic book tale.
  • Trailer / Gameplay:


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