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24.11.2017, 02:04
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E6600 or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics card: DirectX 11 Compatible GPU
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 5 GB

Fantasization is a team role-playing game with turn-based combat system, deep RPG mechanics and developing procedurally generated world populated by warring factions. Your party consists of four heroes, defending the vault with a mysterious substance called Ether. Once the air was pure element, which was used as mages and dwarves-blacksmiths. But recently the air started to turn into something sinister, and you with your allies, you must stop its destruction and to prevent the infiltration of darkness in this world.

The feature of the game Fantasization
- Character customization: We created a system that gives you limitless possibilities to create powerful characters. We also made the game a few pre-set characters for those who wish to focus on other aspects of gameplay.
- Challenge players: the Game Fantasization, torrent download which you can on the website, teaches you to use the full potential of the assembled squad. The most important thing here is the ability to use tactics, to apply the right weapons and spells, and to calculate every action a few steps forward.
- Story: plot Details are revealed mainly in the interaction of the player and factions. Something like this was implemented in Civilization series. The course of history depends on you. How will you respond to the requests of factions? How they will behave in the fight against the forces of evil or each other? What factions will fall and which will strengthen its power? You will learn all this during the passage.
- The developing world: Each faction has their own (sometimes hidden) motives which determine her actions. Conquering new lands and resources by attacking enemies and helping allies, they pursue certain goals. And against the background of these conflicts, a dark force of Air spread over the world, destroying everything in its path.
- World map: the game takes place on a procedurally-generated world map, where you explore unfamiliar territory, perform quests, interact with the factions and meet up with unexpected characters.
- Adventure map: Every encounter or quest leads to a switch from a global map to a adventure map with the top view, where real-time interaction takes place with peaceful NPCs or enemies. This card also has procedural generation, but it incorporated many new elements that provide interesting gameplay.
- Battlefield: Before you download Fantasization torrent free in Russian, I advise you to read a short description of the combat system. Whenever you face enemies on the adventure map the grid moves, and the game switches to turn-based mode. Soldiers take turns to make moves, use different attacks and special abilities. In these battles the skills of your characters, group tactics and team methods are crucial.
- Role system: One of the main goals we had while creating RPG systems, has been the ability to introduce the game to a huge number of powerful combinations of skills, abilities and items. The resulting system uses 8 basic parameters of the character and variety of skills. Each of the items in the game designed by hand and has unique features.


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