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04.06.2016, 10:34
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System requirements:


Windows: 90x/XP/Vista/7
CPU: 166 MHz
RAM: 32 Mb
Free disk space: 950 Mb
DirectX-compatible sound and video cards

The game "Heroes of might and magic 3 restoration of Erathia is back and ready to take an army of new fans and happy to meet devotees! The company DotEmu has created an HD version of the famous turn-based strategy. I say this thank you! The release took place in January 2015, he became a gift in honor of the 20th anniversary of the celebrated series. The third part is the brightest diamond. Note that "restoration of Erathia" — the original version of this part. Also there are a few additions.

The remake is absolutely the same as with the original, just revamped graphics. For those who are not familiar with the world of the game "Heroes of might and Magic 3", say that it's called a You live here a variety of fantastic creatures: unicorns, griffins, dragons, dwarfs, elves, demons... Among them are the evil and the good, so always go to war. The plot is divided into 7 campaigns. Mainly the story is dedicated to Queen Catherine, whose father died. Seizing the opportunity, the dark forces began to seize territories. Katerina needs to protect the homeland.

Features of HD version:
- All the same as in the original: the 7 campaigns, 50 cards, a sea of heroes and units... Only graphics adapted to modern widescreen monitors.
- Updated multiplayer. Supports Steamworks, so you can communicate forces and compete with gamers from hundreds of countries.
- The game does not require a powerful system, so that the average user of computers it can afford to download Heroes of might and Magic 3 via torrent, since the game will draw them at maximum settings.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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