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18.12.2017, 22:26
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
CPU: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video: Intel HD 520 or better, 1GB of VRAM or more
DirectX: Version 9.0 c
Disk space: 600 MB
Sound card: DirectX® 9.0 c compatible

Modern politics is so complicated that sometimes many people just don't understand what's going on, why are those or other decisions, and why war. The time has come to reveal all the cards and tell people what motivates people who are at the origin of such a large and responsible government.

You have to solve a huge number of different issues. At first, you should choose the system, from democracy, ending total totalitarianism. You will need to restore order in their country, the right to put themselves on the world stage and try to achieve success gradually closer to world domination. But do not hurry, because the consequences each of your actions will reflect not only on reputation but also on the welfare of citizens.

Therefore, in order to try to achieve success, will need to try to solve pressing problems, to invest in the development of the country, to try to properly regulate the country's resources and be able to cross moral and ethical boundaries. You're a politician and you're not meant to doubt, only strong action, the ability to adjust each element of your state, this will allow you to achieve success. What is most interesting, contemporary politics will be presented on the basis of the current situation. Nearing the collapse of the European Union, the entire world is engulfed in brutality and ruthlessness of terrorists, and the US all closer to a World War. What do you, being surrounded by such unpleasant moments? To know this will be possible only after you will be able to download Realpolitiks torrent free.

- at first, you should choose the country you want to lead to world domination.
- select the format and the structure of governance;
- you will find a list of all the different problems which concern domestic and foreign policy, the problems can be both in small and large scale;
- the time has come to unleash spies and begin to control the internal politics of other countries;
- whether to follow moral and ethical principles, or is it better to step over them in the name of power, you decide;
- the game offers complete freedom in the choice of solutions.


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