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06.03.2016, 20:12
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In the summer of 2015 American Studio developer NorbSoftDev presented gamers a tactical real time strategy game called Scourge of War Waterloo. It is easy to guess that the game on historical events, namely the great Battle of Waterloo. The strategy proposes to consider the battle from all sides — are 20 scenarios. The gamer has to play the role of commander of the French troops, and to lead the army's main opponents — England and Prussia. In this case we are talking about four levels of command: brigade, divisional, corps and army.

Scourge of War Waterloo characterized by great realism, offers gamers three modes of play. First, the campaign mode, where you have to replay the historical events. Secondly, the mode of random battles, that is taken separately from scenario battles. At the same time you can create and own the battle. By the way, this version of the game available in multiplayer mode. Third, a free dynamic campaign, where the General will lead the army around the map to take the city, and when faced with armies of enemies — fight in epic battles!

If you have played other strategy we recommend you to download torrent Scourge of War Waterloo, as the game is similar to other historical war-game of the same genre, but differs from them in one fundamental aspect. The scenario the commander, that is, a gamer will be getting orders from above, which need to be understood and to personally make decisions about how to proceed. Another interesting element of gameplay — the use of couriers for sending orders. If part of the army, which you want to order, is very far away, you will have to send the courier. However, while he will get the order will lose its relevance. And, you can intercept couriers of the enemy. It makes the process even more realistic.

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