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16.07.2016, 02:01
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12 is Better Than 6 – the amazing story of an escaped convict who has to go through a real hell, crossing the desert between Mexico and Texas. The story will unfold in 1873, it was then that authorities and other unpleasant personalities were still on someone's life and they killed everyone met, and who was a reward. But do not worry, thanks to charismatic the hat on his head and faithful revolver. You will have a chance to survive in this small but terribly dangerous chaos.

- it is not necessary to wait for indulgences, the game is wildly complex and will require some thinking in each location;
- excellent style of drawing with pen and white sheet of paper looks great;
- complete freedom, can run location and destroy all, and can use stealth and go through many difficult moments without firing a shot;
- a unique story of an escaped convict, which you will empathize and look forward to continuing and interchanges;
- the atmosphere of the game is sustained at the highest level: environment, people, animals, style, behavior, conversations, are all entirely consistent with the atmosphere of the Wild West;
- try download 12 is Better Than 6 via torrent and use the different weapons that will be able to find in your adventures, do not let the enemies to descend and try to survive in this chaos.

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