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06.03.2016, 21:00
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That very soon will start work on Alan Wake 2 is proved by the facts, and unsubstantiated hypotheses. First, the head of game developer Remedy Entertainment said in your video, timed to coincide with Christmas, enough hints on the continuation of the project. Secondly, the Studio has opened a search for candidates for the post of programmers, game designers and other talent for a major project. The anticipated work location will be Finland, will this affect the locations in the game, and whether we contemplate the beauty of the North, is still unknown. Thirdly, the current project, Quantum Break, in which work is performed, according to the developers, very soon will be ready. Well and, fourthly, in the recent past, the creation of Alan Wake 2 has already started, it came right up to display a video showing the gameplay, until you could download the torrent Alan Wake 2 for free we have not reached, as Microsoft wrapped up the game, and then the Studio took Quantum Break. What will come of this, and will the user be able to finally play a decent toy, we will see soon, now you can deal with what is known about the new project.

Game features:
- The storyline. Alan Wake being a writer and part-time the main protagonist of the game, in search of inspiration, travels to bright falls with his girlfriend, which on arrival in this peaceful town disappears. In fact, the search for the girl and have to deal with, along the way to fight - -- - Darkness with Light. Overall, the story was given sufficient attention, it is almost like a movie, fortunately, that computer game – charismatic characters, exciting twists, a unique atmosphere...
- The gameplay. As you unlock the mysteries of the small town of bright falls, Darkness looms closer and Alan will have to use main weapon – Light, strong opponents in the shadows, they take power from it, but light will make an excellent assistant in the fight with them, but also conventional weapons has not been canceled.
- Tip – use all available light sources, it will help to be on top in different situations, even possibly losing at first glance.
- In General, I hope that Alan Wake 2 download torrent we are all in 2017.

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