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06.03.2016, 21:33
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Alekhine''s Gun — continuation of the famous series "Death to spies" (Death to Spies). The development is a Russian Studio Haggard Games, a publisher is the company Maximum Games. As is clear from the name of the game, the main character is someone Alekhine. This KGB Colonel, who began to cooperate with the FBR. It is easy to guess that the events unfold during the Cold war. Agent Alekhine confused, was part of a complex conspiracy involving nuclear weapons. But the purpose of this person is to save the world.

Features Alekhine''s Gun:

- The events unfolding in Europe, America, Cuba. Alekhina will have to operate on military installations, in secular places.
- The game is divided into 11 levels. To move freely permitted in each, the main thing is to keep quiet. However, to perform any mission can be different.
- Players who can be less noticeable shade, will be able to find secret rooms, get the best weapons.
- Complex plot: Alekhine need to maintain the fragile peace between the USSR and the USA. Events begin after killing Kennedy.
- Excellent nuarny graphics that will make just download game Alekhine''s Gun via torrent and play it through. Image refers to intense Hollywood movies 1940-1950's.

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