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23.06.2016, 20:31
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I wish I could rewind time and download torrent ARC Continuum today — the release of this project from Akimbo Creations is scheduled only in 2016, and in the end. If life will have to wait patiently that the world is the adventure of action you can easily manipulate the seconds, minutes, hours... It will change lives for the better on the planet Terain, because the rules here for a real tyrant — Kassar.

People are suffering, but retains a slim hope for salvation. However, this monarch would prefer to destroy his subjects, every single one, than to lose power. But one gentleman luck has no fear. To destroy the regime of Cassar, he decided to find an ancient weapon that allows you to manipulate time. This piece is called ARC. Thanks to this artifact one can defeat entire squads of enemies! Of course, useful and familiar weapon. Actually, it's not customary Terane mostly uses laser guns.

Interestingly, through the time portals will overlap with other gamers. Everyone is free to decide for himself whether to interfere or colleagues to help. Together we will work to defeat a real army, to create super weapons. However, you can completely rely on yourself and disable multiplayer access and single mode. In any case, the passage will take about 6 hours, and all the while gamers will enjoy the picture, because it was built using Unreal Engine 4.

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