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Arma 3 Tanoa (2017) PC torrent

14.08.2016, 18:09
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Series of tactical shooter with RPG elements ArmA in General and its third part in particular nearly 9 years gathered a huge army of fans. However, the army to feed this is important to avoid being lured more caring leader. Therefore, the Czech Studio Bohemia Interactive undertook the development of a Supplement to the third part, and add-ons scale. It was called the Tanoa and be out in 2016.

A new campaign
Canoe is a tropical archipelago, which will unfold a new story. Yes, this setting of the creators of the ArmA series is picked for the first time, but because ArmA 3 Tanoa is doubly interesting. Look cute, harmless, friendly Islands, Tanoa really seething with passions raging on the basis of numerous deposits of valuable resources in the lands of the archipelago. In the Central parts of the Islands being excavated on the outskirts dominates the drug mafia, and in the air, circling armed aircraft.

Huge world
The territory of the archipelago is about 100 sq km, which is very respectable for the Supplement. The dense jungle becomes a kind of obstacle in the battles with the enemy, and at the same time they serve as a convenient shelter. An exciting campaign will offer not only new lands, but also many other new and interesting things: quests, game mechanics, weapons, gear, characters, vehicles. Regarding the latter we will add that torrent download ArmA 3 Tanoa need everyone in the game can move by land, water and air. Yes, a Grand addition has not yet emerged, but have already captured!

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