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30.11.2017, 21:36
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The Korean company Bluehole, pleased in the past year the online shooter PUBG, which has already sold 20 million copies, is back to the MMORPG genre, which was started, because she is also the Creator of TERA. Announced new is also aimed at a huge success — submitted in early November, the video game made a strong impression on gamers. It feels a kind of atmosphere, because the game world is a fantasy steampunk. And this is the world that opened many more similar, because it is possible to travel by air. Moreover, next to the great land soar a small island, which makes the study even more interesting. So download torrent Infinite Ascent Realm free we have to try everything.

The second feature is the emphasis on the rare scale battles "Realm versus Realm", that is, the Kingdom of the Kingdom. As clearly, great attention is paid to air attack, but the Dutchman may prefer something on your feet — one of the many furs. Thanks to the promise of the grandeur of the "Realm versus Realm" game, apparently, and got its full title — the Ascent: Infinite Realm that translate as "Climbing: the endless Kingdom". And the abbreviated title refers to the great value of aerial sphere — AIR. Previously, it was assumed that the game will be called Project W. Well, okay, not many interesting literary discoveries the creators and gameplay and the answer to the question "When?". Beta testing is being prepared in late 2017 or early 2018. And when the publisher Kakao Games will release, so far no information.

Who's who in Infinite Ascent Realm, or classes
Warlord ("Warlord"), and you can call him captain. In any case, we are a very strong man who carries a huge hammer and shield full size. Has he not carefully and quickly, and very hard and slow. If the strike is not left in the air, the health meter of the enemy is reduced very markedly. This wars team is able to become an agent provocateur, luring opponents to fight only with him because armored like a tank, and the other at the time can't target that appears vulnerable.

Sorceress (Warlock) is light, and its main subject — the magic stick, and secondary is the dagger, also not usual. In the world Ascent: Infinite Realm, these people have learned to master the unstable elements that ordinary scientists must have closed my eyes because of this strange instability. And in vain, because it can and the wind strengthened, and the fire to fan, and ice to quickly produce. And over time, sorcerers are able to negotiate. They can operate on a small distance from objects or even a number of objects, but quickly make the spell impossible as to be nimble and powerful during this process.

Mystic ("Mystic") in contrast to the sorcerer closer to nature, its natural processes, he agreed with her in the first place, to bring good, and sometimes good to fight back. Therefore, his primary weapon, a magic wand, fly zipper. Secondary weapons are not weapons at all, and totem. Different filled with life-giving forces of the mystics things needed to treat the injured, so the team's doctors, but this is not to say that they don't often have to move to the front.

Assassin ("Assassin"), Ascent: Infinite Realm, as in other games, of course, silent and nimble killer. He doesn't like to weight myself, so the main and second weapon — daggers. The assassin's eyes go to such a dance that the enemy will not notice how it is affected in the most vulnerable areas. However, preferring light armor assassins themselves are constantly at risk, especially close up, of becoming a victim perogitive their enemy. However, being at a distance, these soldiers are able to introduce confusion by techniques undetectable combat.

Gunner ("Gunner") is a pair of pistols, and if pressed — pulls out a shotgun. Generally, in this game along with a sharp and magical firearms is very important, including established on vehicles, including air. But back to this class: gunner usually operates from a distance, but to do rifle critical shot can come pretty close. And then he faces great danger because of the limited experience of the near impressive protection and limited trunk mobility.

Why to download Infinite Ascent Realm of the computer, briefly:
- PvP battles in PvE and RvR just extremely ambitious.
- The world open, and is open in the space where float the Islands.
- You can fly sailing ships screw, jetpack and simple removable wings.
- The earth can move not only on foot but also on different furs and carts.
- Different types of weapons: cold, magic and shooting things, including the big guns.
- Fighting in Ascent: Infinite Realm not only people, but the winged dragons, huge reptiles, amphibians, flying lions and other strange creatures.


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