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03.07.2019, 00:47
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Baldur's Gate 3 – the ideological successor of the dilogy of computer role-playing games Baldur's Gate. The basis of the third part will take the fifth edition of the rules for the Board game Dungeon and Dragons, which will be released in September 2019.

The Plot Of Baldur's Gate 3
While details about the plot of the game is very small. It is known that the action, as in the last two parts, will take place in the fictional world of Forgotten Realms. The story takes place about 100 years after the victory over the antagonist of the second part of Sarevok. There is speculation that in the third part of the player will have to meet with Baldur himself.

The gameplay is based on the classic isometry and RPG elements, using the main aspects of the genre. The player will be offered to create your character to taste and complement it with a detachment of satellites. The game will have a lot of side quests for the performance of which you can pump your team and equipment. As in the previous parts, the game worked out in detail the mechanics of the interaction of the characters, the impact of various aspects of pumping to communicate with the NPC and take into account the main characteristics of the classes.

So the features of the third part will be:
  • Full interaction with the surrounding world;
  • Elaborate story and side quests;
  • Deep detailing of characters and their behavior;
    The output of the game will be single-player, but in the future the developers promise to add a multiplayer mode.

    Baldur's Gate 3 release date is scheduled for 2021!
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