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29.03.2016, 14:36
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System requirements:


Beyond The Destiny will definitely appeal to those who like to explore the depths of space, to make contact with alien races, create civilization, but also to play online games. Yes, Beyond The Destiny is an online project that combines the popular genres such as RPG and real time strategy. Will also add that this is a game with an open world, designed, as already guessed by the readers in the genre of science fiction.

Try to download Beyond The Destiny via torrent, gamers will choose who he will become — scholar, merchant, Builder or the military. This choice will determine what he will be to know the mysterious corners of the universe — intelligence, wealth, skills or weapons. Teaming up with other gamers in the community, it is possible not only to study the entire cosmos, but also to create the most powerful state.

RPG elements:
Your hero will help you to get acquainted with the world Beyond The Destiny. The system of creation and development of character intuitively clear, in addition, it has freedom of action. You together with his hero will gradually learn all that is required.
In single player you do the action will affect only the character receive experience. If you talk about the multiplayer mode, there should be careful, to consider their steps carefully, because they impact on other gamers.

Elements of the strategy:
When a character is developed enough, you will be able to hire and lead a military unit to have space battles. However, you should be prepared for difficult situations, requiring fast reactions and concentration.
It is about the battles in real time, so no time to think each move in advance. You need to instantly react on the dramatically changed military situation. This approach to battles brings the gameplay to reality.

What you need to download torrent Beyond The Destiny:
Sci-Fi world. The setting is one of the probable situations of the future when humanity had succeeded on their own to make much progress in the development of technology. Therefore, in the core of the gameplay lies in human relationships.
An intriguing campaign. The story Beyond The Destiny invites gamers to assume the role of conqueror of the universe. Each will try to pass a difficult path from a candidate to serve in outer squad to Manager powerful intergalactic Alliance.
Interesting Duo genres. To the gamer enjoys an endless space world with many procedurally generated star systems, where he will dive into the exciting virtual life, combining real time strategy with classic RPG game with a 3rd person.
The design features. In Beyond The Destiny gamers are invited to learn the profession of the designer. Study technology does not pass in vain. First, it will be possible to develop different parts and components of mechanisms, and then create on their basis of unique technical equipment for a variety of purposes.
The ability to change the world. Each planet that decides to investigate a gamer, will differ by the individual characteristics of climate and landscape. To develop the civilization it was more convenient, you can affect these components of the biosphere by special technology.
The ability to adapt. Not all can be tailored to their own interests, and do not always have the right equipment, so you have to learn to adapt to the different characteristics of different cosmic bodies. this will depend on the success of new ideas.

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