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Big Action Mega Fight (2017) PC torrent

11.04.2016, 20:06
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Big Action Mega Fight! is a classic arcade beat 'em up genre that will appeal to every fan of interactive entertainment. At this time, users will have another incredible story about how the citizens began to leave their homes and fight crime. This kind of game you could see on the internationally popular game console of SEGA, and now all this beauty is available for personal computers and mobile devices.

Strong, bold and confident character named Brik has decided to restore order in the city. To do this, he took to the streets and decided to challenge the criminal group. He has skills in unarmed combat and now is ready to fight the criminals. Players will find a new adventure that will span dozens of levels populated with a variety of enemies, powerups and bosses, which will be not so easy to handle. So you can already prepare for this adventure and do not relax, because Big Action Mega Fight! has new graphics and technology, which greatly complicated this kind of adventure.

Interesting innovation for this game genre was a system improvement that allows you to boost your character, allowing him to learn new techniques to improve their initial characteristics and discover super techniques to destroy everything in its path. It is time to download Big Action Mega Fight via torrent and do justice to them to punish all those responsible!

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