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Blues And Bullets (2015) PC torrent

26.04.2016, 22:35
Blues And Bullets (2015) poster

System requirements:


OS: Windows 7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 7 GB available space

Company A Crowd of Monsters in March 2015 unveiled the trailer to episodic shooter Blues And Bullets. It is decorated in the style of Noir that is dark, pessimistic. As expected, the events will unfold somewhere in the early 1940s. location — the USA. Starting point: Santa Esperanza. Here the hero tries to find himself. A hero is not somebody, and Eliot ness. This illustrious man: he was able to jail the most famous mobster al Capone. The years have passed. Ness retired, he opened his own bar with a great name "Blues And Bullets", which means "Longing and bullets".

Depression will briefly delayed, but the bullet is useful. Here note that the action takes place from a third person, graphics black-white-red... the Picture will definitely fascinate, but solvable problem would delay the head; one day Eliot ness once again have to deal with al Capone, but now everything is different — the bandit asks for help to find the kidnapped granddaughter. Further, the creators promise to impress with surprises. To make sure will be in may, then you can download Blues & Bullets torrent. It is definitely the version for Xbox One, other information yet.

If had only to shoot, the game would not have received the title of Noir. Need to meet with various characters and conduct are full of allusions to the dialogues, to look for clues to the secret. Child abduction — only one crime facing the ness. Unfortunately, his path will pass under this road of trouble, let alone that there is fear and terror. So the longing will come back, and the bullets will not go away...

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