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31.05.2016, 18:38
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For lovers of two-dimensional projects, embodies the classic moments 8-or 16-bit games, in "rent" will go Mighty No. 9. The game is still supported by modern technologies, mechanics that, in General, perfectly. The game is Japanese, developed her Studio Keiji Inafune with the help of gamers with considerable experience. A good game in the genre of action, offers the user the following.

- Your main character, the robot Beck, having the number nine (actually it's in the title and displayed). Beck has become one of the entire series created robots that never touched a computer virus, the origin of which little is known, except the result – it turns the robot off the coils the car.
- Just to click the mouse two times per minute is not necessary, the game is quite dynamic – we'll have to run a lot, perform breathtaking jumps, to deal with the explosions and transformations of any obstacles.
- Help to complete the existing 12 levels, the player (and the actual robot) is given the opportunity to take the enemy's ability, which would be a very good tool to win.
- Great difference of the game was the presence of a variety of modes:
- In classic mode, will have to play alternately against the eight robots, as a reward for victory – offer access with additional transformations to each of them the ability.
- Mode single – must be for a certain period of time to defeat the bosses, to pass a variety of small tasks and competitions, in order to obtain the ability to unlock two very complex modes.
- A couple with a friend. Invite a friend and play together against all enemies. In this mode, Beck and Call robot companion. To win, you need to take advantage of their skills. And additionally in this mode, you can arrange a competition on the speed of tasks.
- Bek is available absorption – use it correctly, taking those abilities that you can use, combine them with your existing robot and will surely take as a reward for his perseverance and skill in first place on the leaderboard of the game.
- For a full experience the game has music – 8-bit the good old tunes, not like you can always disable in settings.
- Exit the game. Here is a small problem the developer are observed, the original April date replaced by September, but this time was not enough, so the wait stretched again – now planning the launch postponed to the first quarter of 2016, and then you can download torrent Mighty No 9 we have.

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