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17.04.2016, 17:56
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Unreal Engine 4 has become a kind of benchmark for quality manufactured for the games, ensuring the user a good picture/graphic/sound and so on and so forth. The efficiency of this engine repeatedly confirmed, in the web you can find videos, demonstrates its capabilities. Of course, such beauty could not be appreciated by not only users, but also game developers, so most new projects (apart from popular studios, but also from lesser-known and independent developers) – were produced using Unreal Engine 4.

Actually, this project was Caffeine, its characteristic features are the following:
- Run game in the genre of sci-Fi travel;
- The name of the game is just a derivative of the station where the events occur;
- The storyline is intricate order – a boy wakes up at the station (for the extraction of the caffeine), living people, and indeed beings, not observed, and to understand all this have to a user;
- The trip in General, is a Walker-a puzzle, because you have to understand the code found notes and other clues to find out what is happening;
- The game employs one developer, and his business quite successfully go – was released a demo version, while based on UE3, in the future it is planned to release on UE4;
- If the lone Creator of the game and manages to do everything independently, but in relation to means for further creation of the game – need some help so soon Kickstarter will be replenished with another campaign to raise.

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