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Call of Duty Ghosts 2 (2017) PC torrent

02.04.2016, 18:02
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There was another "leak" in the network about the fresh release of the next game in the series Call of Duty, the plot of the branch to which she belongs, called Ghosts 2. This line of Call of Duty series was not a success with users, but the company Activision decided to continue with Ghosts. The output can be expected in November, 2016, on what platforms were not reported, but given that Black Ops 3 was the best selling console last year, it is safe to expect a release for these devices, but what will happen in the end, it is only known to the developers, might and PC owners will be pleased.

But the legendary line action games is back, this time with a sequel once perceived in bayonets Ghosts. New game in addition to endless scripted enemies, you are invited to join in the fight not for patriotism or freedom, certain ideals, you would expect a fight only for survival. After the cataclysm it has been 10 years, the global super-power was on the decline. On the background of a collapsed economy, the state became unable to maintain order in the country. Separate the group from the last military forces protect key areas of the country – these are the realities that you will encounter. Download torrent Call of Duty Ghosts 2 for free – it means to become one of the fighters of division "the Ghost" and go into a world where you need only one thing - to survive.

Game features:
- Unlike the other parts, you will start their fight on the weak side against new global power you superior both technically and numerically.
- Expect a new engine with more realistic characters are much more detailed environments and better lighting system.
- Modern editor for the characters will allow you to create unique characters.
- Significantly improved multiplayer, dynamic maps with other types of natural hazards that can completely turn the tide of the battle.
- Hope download Call of Duty Ghosts 2 via torrent it will be possible in 2016.

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