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Counter Strike 1.6 (2000) PC torrent

21.10.2016, 18:16
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System requirements:


Windows XP;
Pentium 2.4 GHz;
512 MB RAM;
DirectX 9 - compatible graphics card.

Counter-Strike 1.6 — a legendary series of multiplayer shooters from the 1st person, celebrated in 2015, its 15th anniversary. A solid for PC game age does not affect the popularity of this project, uniting in front of screens more than one generation. Perhaps the most popular representative of the series is Counter-Strike 1.6, including in the field of eSports.

The essence of the project is that two teams of gamers against each other performing certain tasks. First team — the terrorists. Their task is to hostage-taking, mining, murder a very important person (VIP) and the destruction of enemies. Second team — fighters counter-terrorist units. Their tasks are the opposite: rescue the hostages, defuse the bomb, maintenance and preservation of the life of the VIP and... here goals are the same.

The aims listed above teams and have game modes. For convenience in the title card there is a special prefixes to understand what you have to do. So "cs" is about the hostages, "de" is about bombs, "as" — about VIP. Oh, and as for killing enemies, this mutual task is present in each mode. Note that the most popular among gamers found the card "cs" and "de".
To the gameplay was even more exciting, the developers have provided the ability to upgrade the weapons. Well and as without it! At the end of the match both teams receive a cash award, but the winners get much larger. These virtual money just need to buy new guns.

It remains to add that for each side the creators have provided 4 types of fighters from different organizations: Phoenix Faction (Eastern Europe), Elite Crew (middle East), Arctic Avengers (Sweden) and Guerilla Warfare (South America) for terrorists; Seal Team 6 (US), GSG-9 (Germany), SAS (UK) and GIGN (France) for the defenders. In General, the game is played by millions, and it means that download Counter Strike 1.6 through torrent all you need.

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