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Crazy Pixel Streaker (2017) PC torrent

06.03.2016, 17:38
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Lubiterum developer from Sunny Spain and The Sidekicks acting as the publisher, have combined their efforts to give players a completely new product, which is scheduled to run not only on PC, but on consoles the Xbox One and PS4. The new creation will be called Crazy Pixel Streaker. There is no plot as such, there is a small backstory, when the aliens abducted a couple of other members of the Earth, and not really fit within the normal and send them to sporting events, and to win the victory. Download torrent Crazy Pixel Streaker – this does not mean that you have become someone to type sports Manager, Oh no, win, you can receive another price (not quite adequate), for example – to make a blast of club soda or to run a couple of cherry bombs.

Game features:
- Single player mode will be added and multiplayer, which is possible for up to four players simultaneously.
- The match can be made in a single console and online.
- Platforms for the game will have an invariant form, but who will face in the match and the total number of procedural enemies generated in the course of the match.
- To run the game on PC or console, it may be next year, it is planned to launch initially for PC and later on console.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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