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03.07.2019, 01:01
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Darksiders Genesis - the return of the legendary Saga of the four horsemen, telling the story of the rise of the army of Lucifer. Take on the role of Discord, join forces with the War and restore the delicate balance of the Three Kingdoms.

The story of the game tells the story of the times before the Apocalypse, when the Supreme lords of Hell approached the source of incredible power. Charred Council manages time to reveal the insidious plan, the prevention of which they instruct the two most faithful riders. On the way to the underworld they do not leave the anxiety - not a single demon wished to stop the immortal Nephilim and soon they will know why.

Gameplay Darksiders Genesis does not depart from the usual rules of the genre of action, bringing a few innovations. The game camera follows the active character at a height of several meters and never changes position. All objects of the game world react to the player's actions and open up extensive tactical possibilities. The two-player co-op mode allows you to share adventures on one screen or join other riders from around the world.

Feature of game:
  • real-time interaction between two riders;
  • extensive locations, allowing you to plunge the depths of Hell, climb the snow-capped mountains and see the ancient ruins;
  • a huge number of items, weapons and power-UPS hidden at every step of the game world;
  • extended system of improvements of heroes with several branches of strengthening of passive and active skills.

    Darksiders Genesis release date is scheduled for 2019!
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