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Dead Island 2 (2017) PC torrent

02.02.2016, 21:44
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Who will play dead island 2 download from torrent for horror will continue! And continues on the Islands, where the events unfolded the first part and Escape Dead Island, and more civilized land in the U.S. state of California. To change course will likely choose a new developer is a German company Yager Development, familiar audience on Spec Ops: The Line. Plus she has changed not only the geography, but promised to add to project carefree and dynamics. You can offer something like this motto: relax, destroying zombies!

What's the game about:

Let's examine the story and gameplay. Several months passed after the start island epidemic, she unexpectedly reached the West coast of the US. The authorities declared quarantine, began to act military. But nothing helps. The virus is unstoppable. He embraced Los Angeles, San Francisco and other parts of the state. The main characters will visit everywhere, fighting with infected people, now bloodthirsty monsters. The world is huge! And most importantly — it is open.

Game characters:

A total of four playable characters. Of course, the cooperative will be. Will not do well without multiplayer. As in the previous parts, the players constantly have to make the improvised weapons. However, there are several innovations. So, there is a scale of rage, briefly raising the power, it is possible to produce weapons with combo systems. In addition, the zombies become more dangerous, tougher, more vulnerable. In other words, download Dead Island 2 a torrent need all because the game have a surprise!

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