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25.09.2017, 17:38
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OS: Windows 10 x64 | Windows 7 x64 | Windows 8 x64
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad
Video card: GeForce GT 640
Memory: 8GB
Disk space: 8Gb
DirectX: 11

If you missed the interesting multiplayer adventures, you will certainly be glad to have a new game project that is created by the company Ready at Dawn, who earlier worked on such famous games as The Order: 1886. Now they decided to change the course of their development and to try to entice a whole new audience and what is most interesting, now the developers intend to create a multiplayer game that can play multiple players and fight for supremacy.

They are working on a game called Deformers, which offers a rather unusual game project in which you want to play for the animals, but not such simple. As it may seem at first glance. The fact that they can deform your appearance, become very large or very small animal. It is worth doing not just because small animals are quite nimble and elusive, but large animals are very strong and difficult to move. While doing all of this will have to compete with other players.

The interesting thing is that during battle you have to play in the format. It only remains to study all the necessary control and try to plan all what you need to do. Otherwise you will always lose and not have all the chances to succeed.
At first it may seem that this project is created solely for consoles, but don't make that mistake because the new design will be released for gaming consoles and we should not forget that it will be released on personal computers and you will soon be able to download Deformers torrent free. Soon you will be able to dive into a completely new confrontation and test your survival skills and desperate survival. Wish you success!


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