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Deliver Us The Moon (2017) PC torrent

14.10.2016, 13:21
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Deliver Us The Moon is an interesting virtual adventure that allows each user to become the last hope for the salvation of mankind. The development of this project has been an independent company under the name of KeokeN Interactive. The developers promise to make a real breakthrough in terms of adventures in the open world and not willing to stop there in advance ensuring longer support his project.

Game Deliver Us The Moon tells the amazing story of how humanity began to die due to lack of resources on Earth. The big corporations of the world have sucked all life from the planet and now they urgently need to find new sources for living. Therefore, the planet has experienced the emergence of a world space organization, which began to actively study the moon and send various expeditions, which have to find resources and to balance the continued existence on Earth. However, each expedition has ended unsuccessfully, so that even the world organization lost all hope. And to make the final push, they sent you to the moon with one robot. You either have to find new sources of resources or be the beginning of the end of humanity.

When the game appear we have, the player will explore the moon, to restore the abandoned base and try to accumulate resources. The developers promise a realistic existence in space. The problem with finding oxygen and do not forget about the various other problems. You will use various tools and the broadest database on the moon.

Game project Deliver Us The Moon is developed on the innovative game Engine, Unreal Engine 4 and plans to enter into the world of modern gaming platforms PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the developers have not forgotten about PC users and decided to develop a new gaming platform called Oculus Rift. Download game Deliver Us The Moon via torrent it will be possible not earlier than in the third quarter of 2016.

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