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Devil May Cry 5 (2020) PC torrent

03.02.2019, 00:43
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Perhaps the most interesting and long-awaited event of the E3 conference was the announcement of the game Devil May Cry 5. Yes, finally it happened and now fans can look forward to the continuation of the Grand game, which will be the beginning of new events. The fact that this part of the game will be a direct proposal Devil May Cry 4 and tell the story of Nero and Dante, who became even older. Although the assurances of the developers, this time the story of the game will be very personal for Dante and the plot will surprise even the most ardent fans. It remains only to wait for the release of the game and just download the torrent Devil May Cry 5.

An interesting feature of the new adventure will be the appearance of a fresh hero named Nico – a girl who loves craft and creates a variety of technological implants. That she created for Nero, a new mechanical hand that had replaced the demon. What happened to her? All just, a stranger came in and literally tore it off, leaving Nero to die. But the guy survived and now intends to take revenge. In addition, now the world is in great danger, as the hunt for people began. A daemon collects blood for harvest and no one is going spare. Can anyone stop him? While it is not known, so we offer just to be patient and wait for the release of the game.

According to the developers, the new part of the players will be able to meet Virgil and even trish. However, what role will be assigned to them is still unknown. An interesting feature will be the use of a completely new engine for the game, which was used during the creation of the game Resident Evil 7. This means that users are waiting for a whole new level of graphics, dynamics and updated features. It was a pleasant surprise that now users can easily use the environment for their own purposes. However, how it will affect the overall result is still completely unknown. In General, look forward to the release of the game and offer to prepare, the new part is likely to become a "bomb" for the entire gaming community. And to be among the first to get acquainted with the game, we will immediately give you the opportunity to download Devil May Cry 5 via torrent for free.

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