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Dirty Bomb (2017) PC torrent

03.02.2016, 17:08
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If you like shooting ardent and thoughtful tactics, the Dirty Bomb is for you! This is an ambitious new project from British Studio Splash Damage, which is in active development and is already preparing for private testing. Dirty Bomb is a multiplayer online shooter from the 1st person. And it's not just a shooter, but a tactical shooter. There will have to work hard the brain, to get out of the confrontation victorious. Simple clicking on the buttons and keys to famously shoot all around, to anything good will not. And there's a Dirty Bomb, download this game from torrent and will be in 2015.

The project offers a new game mode where one team put a specific task, for example, to accompany the transport convoy from point a to point b, and the other group is necessary by all means to prevent you from completing this goal. Team coherence in Alliance with well thought out tactics is the way to success. By the way, events will unfold in the near future on the streets of the British capital. In General, there are many facts to say, will definitely be interesting!

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