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03.12.2019, 22:47
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Disintegration - shooter in the genre of science fiction. The game takes place in a future world in which everyone is subject to integration. The hero is offered an extensive Arsenal for the destruction of opponents.

Disintegration allows you to play in the first person. You need to survive in a future where the minds of ordinary people are being integrated. Their brains are placed in special robotic devices. The main character of the game is Romer Shoal, a former pilot of a gravicycle. He is in charge of a small squad of integrated resistance fighters who wish to preserve the remnants of humanity. The main squad is fighting Rayonne and confront the fighters who want to destroy humanity.

Shooter is distinguished by its thoughtful interface, the presence of additional chips. The developers have introduced various models of combat vehicles, ground troops, each fighter has an Arsenal of weapons. Here the player is waiting for network battles and single-player campaign, where pilots and companies fight in intense modes.

Disintegration release date is scheduled for 2020!

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1 gabrielfranca1979 • 05:21, 07.12.2019
Looks very good, let's wait for the release!