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Eleanor's Stairway (2017) PC torrent

10.04.2016, 23:30
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Horror games on the market continue to arrive, and it pleases, though not in quality and in quantity. We have all missed a quality game projects in the format of horror that could repeat or surpass the world famous Silent Hill. One project that would succeed, it was called P. T., however, this game belongs to the universe of silent hill. But do not worry, because after the release of P. T. ran a wave of inspiration and now many developers are trying to repeat the success this is not a released game. For example, indie developer, Renat Aruffo actively working on a project Eleanor's Stairway and is making great progress.

Eleanor's Stairway is the story of how the priest kept in his mansion parishioner until her death, however, even after the Ghost of wronged and mutilated girls began to persecute anyone who dared to visit the mansion. Thus, you have to run through a huge structure and try not to get in the way of the Ghost. Like a classic modern horror, you can't beat, you can only save the shelter, the door and own legs.

Eleanor's Stairway is developed on the basis of Unity 5.2, at the moment, everyone can download the demo version and the game is scheduled for 2016. Looks new and curious horror can frighten, it is necessary to believe that this atmosphere will last throughout the game.

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