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06.03.2016, 19:57
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Garry's Mod — project Garry Newman and his Studio Facepunch. This is not a game in the conventional sense, but the program-a sandbox that demonstrates the capabilities of the Source engine used to create many hits, including Half-Life 2. Just Garry's Mod originally was part of that blockbuster, however, soon turned into an independent project. The initial version was released a long time ago — in December 2004. Since then there have been many updates.

The program allows you to modify various objects games based on the Source, primarily Half-Life 2, since the content of this action is included in the main distribution engine. You can create unique content, including vehicles, characters, weapons. Allowed different ways to manipulate any objects, at least in the space to start! Yes, download Garry's Mod 15 torrent need absolutely everything, the game is a real laboratory, test site, test center, if you wish. This is a great way to get acquainted with the game "cooking".

Features of Garry's Mod:
- True sandbox! You can create your objects, and make every change available, and then subject them to various tests.
- Encyclopedia of Source engine. Thanks to Garry's Mod finally becomes clear what the game engine in General, and in particular Source.
Is the mass of game modes. Even if it is not really a game (more than just a game!), however, there are dozens of interesting modes — from construction to detective.

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