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02.02.2016, 22:05
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This game is from the Studio The Farm 51 clearly aspires to become original, unusual, distinctive. Get even game download torrent free want many since the graphics in the game is going to be amazing. Earlier Polish company is actively engaged in projects about the supernatural, for example, has developed Painkiller: Hell & Damnation. Now the entourage has changed — we expect industrial landscapes, but they are no less grim than any mystical dungeons. Moreover, without its share of mysticism it will not be missed. You will definitely ask: who are these two characters connected in a mysterious way? In General, questions will be many, and this already attracted to Get Even.

Scanning technology:
Attracts and the atmosphere. It is very-very plausible. And in many ways, this contributed to the scanning of real objects such as warehouses, abandoned houses, deserted streets. Will not say anything, gloomy. However, many opportunities for tactical battles! To kill enemies the character used as a powerful firearm, and some superpowers, and modern gadgets that helps to shoot accurately.

Playing with friends:
Interesting lot, so only a single campaign developers are not treated — there is a multiplayer. Although at the time of release suddenly to meet the enemy, managed a real person, and the player will not know. That's a very ingenious technology implemented. From all it follows a very simple conclusion: download game Get Even torrent is for what!

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