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06.03.2016, 18:33
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The horror continues to grow in popularity, and now to this Grand procession is joined by the independent company Dreadlocks, which is very active in the development of the game Ghost Theory. This project originally scheduled to be released for devices virtual reality Oculus Rift for a realistic and frightening atmosphere. But if your users want and support the developers, they may release it on other game devices, it is sufficient to support the developers and try to accumulate the amount of 100,000 pounds. The game release is planned in 2017.

The history of the Ghost Theory, take you to a virtual world where you become a Barbara, who is classified and is actively investigating the occurrence of ghosts. She visits different places, investigating different circumstances and tries to understand why a particular Ghost has become aggressive and does not want to leave this world. The game has a lot of interesting and detailed locations, most of which were created on existing legends. The developers visited various mansions and other places where were the legend and even the real history of ghosts. Carefully studied these places and recreate them in the game.

Besides the opportunity to explore different places for the existence of the spirits, Barbara has unique paranormal abilities that allow her to see ghosts, to notice the hidden traces and to see the truth, wrapped in illusions and darkness. But do not think that ghosts are just going to give you to make you have driven them from the real world. They will chase Barbara and try to intimidate her so that she no longer had any desire to visit these ill-fated places.

You ask why you are trying to download Ghost Theory via torrent? And we say that the game promises to be interesting, scary, and quite original project. The developers are putting a lot of effort to recreate atmospheric game that players will remember for a long time. So, if you are interested in this area and want to support the developers, you can now Finance their company.

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