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04.10.2016, 14:18
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/vista(not guaranteed)/7(not guaranteed)
CPU: 450 MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon
RAM: 96 MB
The amount of free space on hard disk: 700 MB free space
Video card: 16 MB video card with DirectX 8.1
Sound card: Sound card with DirectX 8.1

What can I say — legend! Still, let's remember why this part has become a cult. To begin with, it is the first three-dimensional game of the famous series of Rockstar. Events unfold in a way similar to the new York city liberty city. To navigate through the expanses can be freely and also in any car, not bought for honestly earned money, after all, talking about criminal action.

The plot is about the guy... it's even Better to write this word with a capital letter: the point is that during the conversations all the characters in the game called hero just a Boy. However of GTA San Andreas learns that the name of this brunette with remarkable squint — Claude. He's a hardened criminal and at the same time he was still a Charmer. Love intrigues make his life even more risky.

First guy plays the role of a pawn — works as a messenger for the Italian mafia. But his credibility is rapidly growing. True love with Maria, the wife of the godfather, leads to the fact that the Sicilians begin to hunt the hero. Assisted by the Yakuza — the Japanese mafia. In General, the Guy will have to examine in detail the geography of the criminal world. Guaranteed the thrill of the sea! Way to see this is to download GTA 3 via torrent. In addition to the storyline quests, the game has many side.

- An analogue of new York in full possession. Liberty city is very similar to "Big Apple". The developers copied such area as Brooklyn and Manhattan. Liberty city stretches on two Islands and is part of the mainland. So that is where to drive!
- Unsurpassed crime simulator. This game has become the biggest release of 2001, it laid the fundamental basis for other three-dimensional parts of the GTA. In 2011 were sold about 17 million copies of criminal simulation. Today the figure is probably closer or crossed the border of 20 million
- The mass of dangerous and unconventional missions. Who only does not the main character! He was in contact with Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Colombian, Puerto Rican, Jamaican and African-American mafia. And how I love women! One even almost killed...
- Not just crime! Some people think that the protagonist of GTA deals only with criminal activity. Not only it can work as a taxi driver, fireman, ice cream man, and even the police. There are a lot of possibilities, so many and want to download torrent GTA 3 free.
- Lots of traffic and generally just. In GTA 3, the player can run 49 car, swim for 4 boats, to fly 1 plane. That was quite cool, there are 9 radio stations, twisting the music to suit every taste.

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