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Halo Online (2017) PC torrent

04.02.2016, 02:26
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American companies Saber Interactive and 343 Industries unexpectedly gave the team players to prepare for the release of its new game. And our website will help You download Halo Online via torrent when the game comes out. The project was announced on March 25. The name speaks for itself, and you also know that it is free (free-to-play) shooter, built on the same engine Halo 3, of course, greatly improved. By the way, and the new plot continues the story told in that part. The whole world is excited, especially the fans of the series, because closed beta test will be conducted in our country, it should start in the second quarter of 2015. Well-known and some other details, at the same time much shrouded in mystery.

Other details about Halo Online:
- Emphasis on the battles and on the protection cover.
- While talking about exclusives for the PC.
- The influence of Call of Duty.
- There was a place and an element of RPG — character need to improve.
- Up to 16 characters on the map.
- Each battle is accompanied by a specific task, for example, to get the enemy in the head.
- On the maps you can find interesting weapons like the Bazooka that is in the slot for pistols.
- Spawn point allows you to take a new weapon or even pick a different character class.
- A maximum of 5 slots, and 2 open, the right to use other need to earn a marksmanship.
- It is not forbidden to attack the back.
- In each location there are two powerful stationary weapons such as machine guns and grenade launchers.
- You can study your character data of another player, if he killed your.
- Weapons can be lost, the armor remains.
- Not without a lobby, so to speak, the hall of game.
- If it is hacked then anyone who visits will be able to download a torrent the game Halo Online.

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