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02.02.2016, 21:30
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Hellraid is a fantasy action game in which nothing ever repeats. All thanks to modern technology — procedural generation of content. So be prepared for the unexpected! Was engaged in the development company Techland, so graphics will hasten to please — uses its own powerful Engine, Chrome Engine 6. By the way, the first game based on it — is Dying Light too coming in 2015.

Game hellraid torrent download free as you can and for those who like single mode and those who play in company with friends. Character classes are the same: warrior, thief, mage, paladin. The story tells about the last representative of the accursed family, which wants to stop a mystical force. For this purpose he formed an Alliance with an old mage. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to destroy a lot of unpleasant things. The action takes place in the first person, besides passing mode (Story Mode) there are two more: the battle for supremacy in the ranking (Mission Mode) and battle hordes of monsters (Arena Mode).

Other features of Hellraid
- At first the game was planned as a separate mode for Dead Island, but in the end due to its advantages became a separate project.
- You can develop your character freely — the process does not depend on its class.
- Hellraid has absorbed all the best from such iconic projects as The Elder Scrolls, Witchaven, Hexen: Beyond Heretic. A real classic a modern twist!

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