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Infinity Battlescape (2017) PC torrent

11.09.2016, 12:41
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System requirements:


Infinity Battlescape – seamless solar system that combines a number of stars, planets, asteroid belts, artificial satellites and other space objects. The world of the game related to the genre of multiplayer action games, according to the developers, galactic is controlled by three giant corporations, which are in constant confrontation over spheres of influence, which include not only a living system of people and resources, down to a lifeless space designed for rapid dumping of the process.

What to do in the game?
As a representative of one of the corporations, the player must develop the infrastructure for planetary unification, in the initial stages is provided with a certain, equal in volume to rivals, the number of space bases and facilities for the development of various resources. Gameplay is planned to seamlessly fit as a broad social function, involving trade and exchange of resources, the creation of planetary plants, pump stations, purchase of military and transport ships, with the possibility of the creation of these caravans, and war aimed at the seizure of new territories and objects or the defense of their own from the enemy attack.

Release date
At the moment, when you can download torrent Infinity Battlescape nobody knows, it all depends on collected funds through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The Studio-game developer I-Novae expects to collect in the allotted 29 days not less than 300 thousand dollars, which will allow to run the project and create a normal functional gaming platform. In case of successful donor funding, Infinity Battlescape will be released on PC in fall of 2017. Despite the relatively modest amount required, developers announced plans to create additional games functionals, which in the case of finding the funds can be implemented millions of dollars.

Generation locations
It also assumes the introduction to gameplay is the random generation of locations, which will be carried out before each new match with the maximum participation of 200 players. In addition to seamless system that provides for the creation of realistic physics, Autonomous mode for the study of the game world, the ability to support custom modifications and testing different combinations of weapons and equipment. The developers promise to implement a wide range of interstellar ships, from small nimble fighters to a powerful intergalactic battle cruisers and transport giants. So download Infinity Battlescape using torrent free is definitely worth it.

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