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06.03.2016, 18:59
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The game takes place in the competitive mode, the genre chosen by developers - battle royale, its tasks are not so difficult – you are placed into the arena, and you must use all available opportunities to remove all opponents, of course, the enemies will attack, so you should not forget about own security. The project is designed in the style of hardcore, so if you like these style games then you will like it, besides the weapons and skills are perfectly balanced, and victory is assured to the one who is better versed with the mechanics of the game.

Why try download Last Survivor via torrent:
- The character. For the hero there are two parameters – health, as the main component and endurance, as an extra. Besides the hero inherent in five States, to enter into it because of certain factors – the character can get poisoned, bleeding, stun, shock or burn.
- Weaponry. Weapons can be improved, for this you need to find scrap metal and use it to improve your gear. In addition, there are resources that can be used for stimulants.
- The creation. Or Kraft if you prefer. It actually represents the opportunity to receive a stimulant that efficiently help to survive in combat, the purpose is very simple – one stimulant will cure you, the second will increase the damage on the enemy, the third will make your stamina more etc.
- The reward. After the battle, the player can see all the collected resources during a combat round in a personal vault.

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