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LEGO City (2013) PC torrent

04.02.2016, 01:38
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Release 18 March 2013-English company-developer "Traveller's Tales" - a new project in the gaming Universe of "LEGO". A new detective action game "Lego City Undercover" which is now available on PC.

In the game LEGO city wielded cruel and clever gang of criminals. Detective chase is embedded in the criminal gang and tries to get to the leader, who may be much closer than it seems at first glance...

The advantages and features of the game
1. Game genre: detective action game in the style of open world.
2. Game mode: single.
3. Gaming platform: PC.
4. Lovers brand style need to download LEGO city torrent fully the gift from our website, as the game turned out well, the game has good graphics and lots of fun.
5. Opportunities of the protagonist: various tricks (jumping, swinging on poles, and so forth), the ability to control the transport of terrestrial and lethal means (car, helicopter and so on), the possibility of LEGO blocks to create new objects, the transformation (e.g., a burglar), and more.
6. A large number of positive and negative characters, each of which has its own destiny and character.
7. The game is completely in Russian.

"Lego City Undercover" - reveal all secrets of LEGO city!

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