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16.02.2016, 00:01
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In the game Little Devil Inside, or "the Devil inside", a place the shooter, and role-playing elements, and quest. It is made in a minimalist, surreal fun chart. Such an unusual project offers the company Neostream. She launched a Kickstarter campaign, which runs until may 26. The desired amount is not too large — 250 thousand dollars. But ideas very much! By the way the game got the green light in steam, meaning we will soon be able to download Little Devil Inside torrent.

What's the game about?
This game talks about the difficulty of survival in a fantasy world, not devoid of a trait. Heroes daily (and can be heard every night) faced with monsters, so the concept of "boredom" in Little Devil Inside. Also great attention is paid to the constant need to learn new things, interaction. You can not only communicate with computer-controlled characters, there are two co-op — network and local.
The creators are working hard to remove a predetermination. In the game the minimum settings are not obliged to pass the mission and not otherwise. Can be distracted by additional tasks, they can even affect the main plot. It is not excluded that he after suddenly created a new story that will lead the player into unexplored deserts, forests, mountains, castles.

The game with its own twist:
There is a Little Devil Inside as innovative features, and something nostalgic. This is not surprising, given that the creators drew inspiration from such classic projects as "the Legend of Zelda: Baton of wind", Betrayal at Krondor, X-com, System Shock. However, we emphasize: the new self-sufficient, unique and just brilliantly created. The style of 3D graphics can be called childish because of its hilarious complexity, however, the essence of a truly adult — to survive in the most treacherous conditions. The picture aims to create the effect of emptiness, of loneliness. The texture is rich, the characters are high-poly.

The Little Devil Inside algorithm is based on the unexpected happening. Still talking about the adventurers, but their day is not scheduled by the hour, the danger appears suddenly, if successful, disappears, but it is followed by another. She can be voskopodobnoe creation, a giant octopus, super-fast dragons. In order to make the player have to think carefully about the protection of the camp, he has the right to invite helpers to join unions. Yes, a lot of fantastic opportunities!

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